Hi, I’m Lanie ! I am a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, one of the largest nutrition schools in the world. My goal is to spread knowledge, tips and tricks to help guide my clients to a vibrant and meaningful life filled with an abundance of healthy habits. 

I have always been a foodie, but when I was first exposed to the health world, I became overly obsessed. After recovering from an eating disorder that had taken away my love and passion for, well, everything, I decided to dive headfirst into nutrition to get the facts. Little did I know I would end up gaining a lot more . . . I discovered self-love, and rediscovered my passion for intuitive and nutritious plant-based eating, yoga, meditation, creativity, writing, interior design, art and connection. Now, I want to share my life-changing findings with you.

I am currently living in sunny California, where I work with clients, continue to learn and explore plant-based eating, conscious consumption, creativity, and also immerse myself in yoga, connection and nature. I am also currently working towards a degree in Psychology and Health Science. 

I cannot wait to connect with you, work with you, and guide you towards health and happiness in all aspects of your life!