Hey babes !! 

I am so excited to finally be launching this platform to connect and share all things health + wellness with you !!! For a more brief introduction to who I (LittleLanieLu) am, and to what Lutrition is all about, head on over to the ABOUT ME page. Otherwise, let's get into my journey to a life filled with self-love, abundance, and Lutrition !


In my first few years of high school, I began noticing my obsessive personality.

Adjusting to high school can be hard (and for me it definitely was) ! I lost friends. I gained friends. I lost friends. I didn't really have any hobbies. I didn't play a sport. I wasn't on any team or in any club. I felt really, really lost. 

I focused all of my energy on school, but specifically, my planner. I became absolutely obsessed with it. I know, it sounds silly, but I really was. I wrote EVERYTHING in it : wake up, hair mask, shower, brush teeth, etc. In my junior year, the date of prom got changed, and it was like the world had ended. I had already written the date in my planner in pen, decorated it with stickers, the whole nine yards. I cried myself to sleep because I was so upset (it was like 2:00 in the afternoon). This was when I realized things were getting a little ridiculous. 

I started seeing a counselor to talk about my feelings, why I cared so much about my planner, blah blah blah; and I ended up LOVING counseling. Just getting to vent and talk through my thoughts helped me tremendously. My counselor helped me sort through my obsession with aesthetics (in both my planner and other areas of my life . . . for example, the time I ripped up my essay during a TIMED English exam and rewrote it because the pen scribbles were too messy).

Through these discussions and self-reflections, I discovered that I channeled anxiety from feelings of not having a passion or hobby into something tangible – notes, written assignments, my planner, etc.

After realizing this, I didn't magically rid all of these behaviors, I just redirected them into a new area of my life. Unfortunately, it was a much more intense and serious one. 

I got interested in health at the end of my junior year of high school. I started eating a more balanced diet and began going to hot yoga a few times a week. I FINALLY found my passion and became noticeably happier and more fit. 

In my senior year, I began developing severe digestion issues and was shortly diagnosed with IBS. I simultaneously developed acne and horrible sleep problems. Simultaneously, I was exposed to veganism. I was immediately intrigued. I've always wanted to live a conscious, impactful life, and with this newfound passion and total drive for a healthier lifestyle (and to hopefully rid myself from these new health-related issues), it seemed like the perfect fit for me. 

The more I learned about veganism and its different branches (fruitarian, raw, etc.), I became obsessed. With all of this new information, I was overwhelmed. What EXACTLY am I putting in my body? How much am I consuming? What time am I eating at? Is my food cooked? Is it processed? Does it have any additives? 

I slowly stopped hanging out with friends after 4:00pm because I didn't want to get forced into eating “too late”. I lied to my family and said I was going out to eat to avoid it altogether. I'd cry myself to sleep if a day of eating didn't go how I'd planned. Food took over my life. I lost connections with not only my friends and family, but myself. I stopped going to yoga. I stopped meditating. I wasn't spiritual at all anymore. I lost my passion. I lost all of my energy. I was literally living to track my food intake. To see my thighs grow further apart. To feel my bones. I didn’t think I was fat, I just wanted to be skinnier.

I never understood eating disorders until I had one. I thought having an eating disorder meant you didn't eat. Because I was eating, I convinced myself that what I was doing was normal. But it wasn’t. It's not normal to be so insanely obsessed & consumed in something that you lose touch with yourself and everything else around you.

I told my counselor how I was feeling, and she redirected me to an eating disorder specialist. There, I learned how harmful malnutrition is, and rediscovered what first sparked my interest in yoga and a plant-based diet : nourishing my body and feeling energetic, happy and full of love.

I went off to university to get a degree in Psychology, and after one year, I decided to switch routes. I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I learned all about nutrition, the human body and mind, conscious consumerism, dietary theories and so much more. 

Now, I am living in balance and abundance. I am filled with self-love and so much love for others. I want to spread the knowledge that I have gained. There is so much information surrounding health, and as a certified holistic health coach, I can help you distinguish what is true, and more importantly, what works for you. 

What is my nutrition philosophy?



A big portion of health is about the food you are consuming. And no matter what diet you follow or what your everyday eating looks like, you can be eating more plants.  

The other big portion of health is your lifestyle, your mindset and the connections you make and keep.

Let both nutritious, whole foods and healthy habits energize you to create the most vibrant, healthy, happy and wholesome version of you.